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Atisol Robotics

Multiple configurations (CUSTOM MADE): We place it where others don’t.

Example: (Perimeter measurements of the warehouse)

  • Width= 2990mm
  • Depth= ​​3900mm
  • Height= 2990mm
  • No.of double-sided mobile shelves: 5

Robotic arm with the capacity to transport products up to 1 kg
Reception of high capacity products (65 units); Load and go.
Product capacity: 10.000 – 12.000 (pharmacy office)

Smart warehouse: Optimizes spaces, places the most priority products near the exit, automatically removes products that are soon to expire.

Possibility of installing an elevator, from the basement, or ramps, from the upper floor. We minimize civil works.

24-hour remote assistance service, in-person technical assistanc

Designed, manufactured here, high quality and precision components (engineering with 30 years of experience).