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Atisol BEgreen Solutions

The solution for 100% ecological domestic electricity consumption

Today, it can already be a reality!

Do you live in a house with parking? …

Do you have to change the car? …

Do you travel daily by car? …

Do you want to stop contributing to global warming when you travel daily by car? …

Do you want to stop contributing to global warming with the electrical consumption of the house? …

Do you want to do all this without an additional cost? …

So, the solution is:

ATISOL BEGreenSolution

It consists of buying a NISSAN LEAF of 40Kwh with the solution of ATISOL BEgreen Solution

This system guarantees an annual ecological balance 100% ecological.

It uses photovoltaic solar energy to supply electricity at home when it is sunny.

When the sun goes down and we are home, the car supplies the electric current to the house, and when we go to sleep, the car is charged from the network using the lowest cost of energy.

You will ask: But if I will be consuming electricity at night to charge the car, is this 100% ecological? Well yes it is! Because you will have enough solar energy installed that everything you consume by charging the car at night, you will have supplied it to the electricity network during the day, achieving a final balance of 100% ecological.

You will ask: but if the current contract with the electricity distribution company will not give me anything in exchange for the surplus photovoltaic energy? Until now it was like that. But with the new regulation of self-consumption this has changed. Distributors are appearing that buy you solar energy.

And how can all this be without additional cost? All the accumulated expenses during 8 years, of having bought a conventional car, plus the fuel, plus the bills of the house light (more expensive), plus the car reviews (more expensive), is compensated with the solution.